Real Estate Purchases, Loan Closings, and Property Settlements

Attorney Nilson's title fees are based upon the same state-established title insurance rates used by every settlement company, closing company, and law office providing title closing services. Title insurance rates are set by the state and should not vary by closing company, bank, or law office.

When you close a real estate purchase with Kurt Nilson, you can close with an attorney without any additional costs or fees.

If you're buying a house in Johnstown, Somerset, Ligioner, or the surrounding areas, contact Attorney Nilson to discuss your intended home purchase, the typical process involved with buying real estate, the lending process, and Attorney Nilson's experience working with different Johnstown Realtors and mortgage lenders.

Some of the additional benefits of closing with Attorney Nilson include:
~ Every title search is personally completed or reviewed by an attorney
~ No additional fees are charged for closing with an attorney
~ You can review and discuss each closing document with an attorney
~ Speak directly with an attorney about legal matters concerning your purchase
~ Attorney Nilson never pays or receives a referral fee in exchange for your closing business
How referral fees can increase your closing costs:
~ Referral fees can be passed along as separate bills by offices duplicating the same work
~ Your closing agent may be chosen by paying a referral fee, not by the quality of the work
~ If you are directed to just one specific closing agent, simply ask if:
   » A referral fee is being paid or received
   » You'll pay any separate fees to your attorney in addition to the closing fees

Our homes are the most important financial and personal investment most of us will make. When you close your purchase with Kurt Nilson your transaction is handled by an attorney, giving you access to legal guidance while completing your purchase.

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